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Decom Group’s management team, have worked with many clients for over 25 years, managing projects on complex assets for major blue chip companies in the Oil, Gas, Chemical, Power, Nuclear, Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.

The use of experienced project management companies helps assess a projects risks and can identify where the project is likely to fail. The project risk assessment process developed by Decom Group helps identify problem areas which can be proactively managed to ensure the successful outcomes of the projects objectives, ensuring the business case and client expectations are fully met.

The successful project management services offered by Decom Group focus on the 6 common project management constraints, Scope, Cost, Time, Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Resources, however, despite this, our number 1 priority above everything else is SAFETY!

Decom Group have the ability to carry out project management solutions tailored to our clients individual needs.          Having worked in a number of environments from city centres, live process environments and facilities that have lay redundant for many years, we understand the hazards, different locations possess and have developed robust systems to identify all hazards and safely manage complex construction, decommissioning and demolition projects, from initial project planning, procurement support, CDM and project management, delivery and performance monitoring and project close out and knowledge management capture / share learning.



Tradition & innovation.


We understand that the environments in which we work are high risk and often complex, with each client having its own set of internal governance. With this in mind, we continually strive to align our own internal rules and procedures with that of our clients, to ensure the safety and welfare of our people, those who work with us and the communities in which we operate.  Our message is clear, we operate a safety-first culture amongst our workforce, we are committed to providing safe working environments, driving positive behavioural change towards health and safety both on and off-site, our project professionals have the empowerment to stop a project or task if they feel it is unsafe, or the person carrying out the task is not working safe.  Clients have recognised excellence within Decom Groups project delivery, resulting in Decom being awarded Contractor of the Year from one of the top 4 oil and gas major companies.

Tailored solutions

To ensure project success!


Some of our recent work

“The world is in a state of constant development which means that  managing demolition and construction projects is inevitable”

“If you need support with a complex project

we can help

 we do more out of the box thinking.”

Delivering safe and sustainable project management solutions is the key to our success, minimising cost whilst maximising return of investment for our clients.

“Here at decom group, we apply our robust processes, methods, skills, knowledge and experience to ensure your project is successful and meets  the business case and objectives.”

Repairs and new installation ATEX area


Live chemical process plant


Live process plant


Petrochemical Plant


Power Station


Pipework support bridge over road

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Project Concept and initiation

Project planning is an essential part of project management to ensure project success and minimise the impact of project risks through our expert knowledge base.  Without proper planning projects are likely to overrun with extra costs resulting in failure to realise the business benefits.  Our 25 years experience across a diverse range of industries, we are uniquely positioned to provide a full project lifecycle service.

Project management and Consutling engineers

Decom understand that all projects are different from business as usual activities.  We provide expert advice and project management services, helping develop the business case and ensuring the project delivers successful project outcomes including on budget, on time and safely .  Decom work with clients to develop the right solutions to ensure the project success criteria is met.

CDM 2015 Principal designer and contractor

Decom have been appointed by clients as both Principal Designers and Principal Contractors.  We have managed complex projects managing multiple contractors working to tight deadlines and budgets.  Decom Groups own internal governance and procedures complies with all aspects of CDM regulations, Decom have always adopted CDM as best practice and we continue to improve the safety of companies we work with and manage.

Delivering safe & sustainable PROJECT MANAGEMENT Solutions


Sustainability & Recycling


Our number 1 priority

Decom Group are able to manage multiple projects across sites worldwide.  Here are just some of our recent projects.  We have managed all types of projects from heavy industrial decommissioning and demolition, out of service inspection and repairs to storage tanks to EEMUA159 standards, to managing the installation of new infrastructure including, new pipework, pumps, motors,  instrumentation, electrical commissioning, storage tanks, road and rail bridges and buildings.


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